February 5 is observed each year to pay tributes to the people of Kashmir for their heroic struggle. It is day to reiterate support to their legitimate struggle. It is a day to recall the decades-old but unfulfilled pledges of the international community to the people of Kashmir. And it is a day to make it clear that, enshrined as it is in the UN Charter, the fundamental right of self determination can neither be wished away nor suppressed by brute force.

This has been stated by former President Asif Ali Zardari in a message on the Kashmir solidarity Day being observed tomorrow on Friday.

The Pakistan Peoples' Party believes in a peaceful and honorable resolution of Jammu and Kashmir dispute through dialogue involving also the people of Kashmir as the final arbiters of their destiny, he said.

Towards promoting a peaceful resolution the PPP also believes in adopting confidence building measures, promoting trade and people to people contacts so as to create an atmosphere for a sustained and uninterrupted dialogue, he said.

It is the vision of the PPP to solidly stand behind the people of Kashmir in their just struggle and at the same time to build a path of peace and prosperity for the over one billion people of South Asia to realize their true potential.

It is this vision that Shaheed Benazir Bhutto introduced the South Asian Preferential Tariff Agreement as well as the concept of visa free travel within SAARC for Parliamentarians and Judges.

It is this vision that she dreamed of borders, he said.

For the realization of this noble vision also we urge the UN to help resolve this oldest dispute on its agenda since 1947, he said.

On this occasion while paying tributes to the brave people of Jammu and Kashmir the PPP also wishes to reassure them that it will always stand with them in their just struggle.
Former President Asif Ali Zardari reiterates support to Kashmiris

Islamabad February 4, 2016: February 5 is observed each year to pay tributes to the people of Kashmir for their heroic struggle.

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